True love/grown-up life

love is

half-stolen glances, hands touching, brushing by accident against each other,

lingering kisses

pressed lip to lip

tipsy with passion in the hazy heat

of an erotic embrace,

notes penned carelessly

and hidden in pockets and places about your person

for your lover to find and claim,

each signed with a profusion of the letter X and

your name.

love is

midnight wake ups, stay in bed, I’ll go,

quick kiss on the lips, a smile, remembered bliss,

don’t wait for me, just eat when you’re ready,

lots of evening work to do?

here’s a chocolate bar, cup of tea, let me

sort out things for tomorrow,

don’t worry about the shopping, I’ll do it –

grown up life? don’t worry, my true love, we’ll get through it.


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