My cat

sits, roly-poly, wrapped up in herself like a gigantic, fluffy trilobite

her face hidden behind

her sweeping tail.

One gleaming green eye opens

to regard the human interloper,

that simian coloniser of her space

on the sofa with begrudging favour.

As I sink into the cream cushions

and reach out to ruffle her brindled fur

she miaows, a sound equal parts greeting and request,

then purrs extravagantly,

rolling on her back to reveal a soft, white stomach

warm to the touch of gentle fingers,

ready to be stroked.


Another poem about my cat, who seems to be nesting on the sofa now in response to the weather changing! If you like my cat poem and would like to read more, please also see, ‘Sonnet to my Tortoiseshell Cat’, ‘Lap-Sphinx’ and ‘Lost cat’.


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