Bank holiday

Dad sits on his throne

Back straight, nose buried

In the Sunday paper

Supplements left over from


The kids quarrel and play

Mine, no mine!

Grabbing at trains, dolls and planes

On the living room floor.

Mum is making a shopping list

Chatting absently to Dad

Who mutters words

In all the right places

And leaves pauses 

For her to fill with tuts and sighs.

The dog looks up

At his master’s voice

Thumps his tail on the floor,

And settles back down.

The cat carries on dozing 

But rouses herself long enough 

To yawn, mouth wide, fangs out

Showing her little pink tongue.

Suddenly, she frantically licks her back paw

And then, she too

Settles back down to sleep

Purring and twitching

On the arm of the sofa.

Outside the half-open window

Pours a steady stream of rain

Beating against the glass again.


A poem inspired by family life, and our very changeable English weather! 


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