Love hereafter


We said ‘I do’
And meant it
With every fibre of our beings,
But now, in the marital hereafter,
What really are our feelings?
It’s easy to love somebody
When all is fresh and new,
When everything’s a discovery,
When you’re becoming
‘Them’ plus ‘you’.
But later on,
When pressures start to pile upon your heart
Is it still as easy to listen as at the start?
When work, and stress and children
Take their toll and slice of life,
There isn’t time for you to be ‘you two’,
Husband and wife.
The best advice is grab your moments
Every where you can,
Remember, true love takes work,
It’s difficult, but you can
Find it, keep it, treasure it,
And love them day to day,
Remember it’s the little things,
So think about what you say.
Life won’t always be this hectic,
One day you’ll find some calm,
And that love will still be there
If you’ve kept it safe from harm.


A poem I wrote thinking about the pressures of everyday life, and how it’s hard to stay romantic!

Image from Wikipedia. 


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