Results day

I don’t normally blog about my ‘real life’, but I thought that this would be an apt day for it. This morning, my rather brilliant and lovely A Level students received their results. They came into college, most clutching umbrellas, some Costa cups (nothing changes there, writers need coffee), and with faces eager with anticipation for the last piece of the puzzle, the final grade.

It was (and always is) bittersweet for me. I love teaching, it’s a great job, and a (sadly) undervalued profession. I don’t just do it for the money, or the stability, or the pension (ahem, although, that’s a useful thing, let’s face it). I teach because I love working with students, helping them to find their talents and to, especially with Creative Writing, discover their voice.

And this is the bittersweet part. On the one hand, here are twenty-three wonderful individuals who have made it through two years of further education. Through each bump and thump of the journey, they stuck to their original ambition and completed the course. For many of them, just staying the course, reaching the final destination (not that kind) was a huge achievement. And I’ve had the privilege of walking with them and by them every step of the way.

And on the other hand, they’ve finished, it’s done. That journey is only the start of what will hopefully be a very long and exciting lifetime love affair with writing. With crafting words in whatever form they choose, whether it’s poetry, script, prose, or a combination of the above.

I will miss them all, very much. But I am so very, very proud of them too.

So, here’s to the CREW class of 2018, the last group to take the A Level due to education reforms, who have left me with great memories and inspired me to carry on writing in  both my professional and personal life.

Just remember, do what it says in the prompt, and don’t go off on one.

Well done.


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