Lost cat

White paws, sleek ears

Soft rumbling purr,

Long, snow white whiskers

And tortoiseshell fur

(Did I mention the purr?)

Lost cat (I typed)

Mislaid, stolen, strayed,

Please return safe and sound,

(Please return when she’s found)

Answers to Bramble (and sometimes to Bram),

Likes to hunt mice whenever she can.

Often bad tempered – will swipe and will hiss,

But licks up her chunks with a face full of bliss.

We miss our cat,

And the way she would sit

With paws underneath, just watching me knit.

Her amber-green eyes,

Her ginger blaze nose,

Her wicked, sharp claws

And soft rumbling doze.

Come home little wanderer,

Come back shooting star,

Follow your paws home wherever you are.


11 thoughts on “Lost cat

    1. scheduled for the 17th of January! Apologies it’s a bit away but I hadn’t realised how far ahead our poetry section is scheduled atm. But it’ll send you a pingback once it’s live to remind you. 😮

      We’d be happy to add you as an author as well if you’ like to submit any poetry or other stories in the future btw.

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