High place phenomenon

The irrational urge

Pulls at my brain

And prompts me to jump off the edge

Once again

Don’t take it to heart

I wouldn’t do it

I mean,

I wouldn’t go through with it

It’s more that I get a terrible itch

Something insidious

An internal twitch…

The desire to end it? or,

A weird dream to fly?

I’m nearly quite sure that I don’t want to die

And yet, there it is

With the same odd refrain

It’s not that it’s physical

At least, not like pain

More a compulsion

Or pull, so to speak

That draws me inexorably

To the edge every week

It’s ASDA, prosaic, I know

But that’s where I feel it

And so, when I go

I tread very carefully

Up there in case

One day I listen

And cast off into space.


A slightly facetious exploration of something I genuinely struggle with when confronted with high places (and ASDA). 

ASDA is a supermarket, just for the context! 


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