Love and the lakeside

Algae bloom, green streak

a flash of plant life across the grey lake waters,

it stretches from the wildflower bank

back, back to the butter-stone walls of Astor’s Italian garden.


And did you walk those banks

striding by the edge of the lake

velvet skirts brushing the grass,

waiting to hear from your lover?

And did your heart race back towards him

back, back across the water?


Nature’s race, their vegetable love

entangled in the depths,

growing together.


A poem inspired by a beautiful walk by the Lakeside at Hever Castle, where a splendid algae bloom shot across the water, like green lightning back towards the main gardens. 

I wanted to reference Marvell’s ‘To his coy mistress’ here, as I really like the lines –

‘My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires and more slow’

It seemed apt for a love poem!


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