Faelyn and Halueth

At the top of my voice – at the limit of my lungs, I screamed his name, ‘Halueth!’

He turned back towards me. Through the thundering storm, I saw his dark, grey eyes widen with recognition. A slight smile played over his stern lips. He started to reach out towards me, but dropped his hand, then his eyes. In my mind, despite my confusion, my despair and the raging tempest of raw magic around us, I heard his voice, one last time.

‘Farewell Faelyn, my hearts-ease. I wish you…I wish you life.’

Abruptly, he broke the connection with my mind. The telepathic bond had been there so long, that with its removal, I felt abandoned, cast out. The crashing silence within was worse, far worse than the tumult without.

‘Halueth,’ I whispered, my voice cracking, lost in the fury of the elements.

As I watched, my hands plastered in horror to my mouth, the man who had been my mentor, my teacher and my friend sprang into the eye of the magical rift and was consumed.


Later, much later, I realised exactly what I had lost and what I would need to gain in order to fulfil his belief in me. In order to master my own powers, to harness them for the good of the sisterhood, I had to follow him, into the rift and the chaos beyond.


This is just a short extract exploring some new characters that I devised – I’m planning a bit of world building writing soon. 


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