This is Jay!

A while ago, as part of my Creative Writing classes, we created a fictional world called, rather appropriately, ‘Fictropolis’ (thanks for the name, Alisha). We each had to create a character for this new world. Here is mine, he’s called, Jay.

Character biography –

  • Teenage guy, about 19/20. He has many issues regarding his gender and sexual identity that he’s trying to work through and explore.
  • He’s from a ‘nice’ housing estate – working class ‘made good’ in the town. He has a loving family and gets on well with his siblings, but is just very different from them. His mum works in an office and his dad is a driving instructor. He has an older sister, Emily, married with two kids, husband recently diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease of the eye. He has a younger brother who wants to be a professional DJ.
  • His personality is extravagant, which covers up anxiety issues and recurrent depressive episodes. He takes medication (sometimes), his ‘pink pills’.
  • He recently dyed his hair bright bubble-gum pink as a ‘FU’ to the world, but this is also secretly a reference to the colour of his medication. His hair is naturally fine and blonde. He’s spent the last two years growing it long, to his shoulders.
  • He’s currently in a very complicated relationship with his long-term girlfriend Holly, and her boyfriend, Taylor . He also has a growing attraction for a young guy that he met recently through his hobby (obsession), which is fandom/fan fic writing. He identifies (sometimes) as bisexual and sometimes as queer.
  • He sees his life as a grey, flat train platform, enlivened with brief splashes of colour. So, he tries to ‘paint’ his world as much as possible. He loves art, museums, clubs and posting his work online.
  • Actions and textures: Dancing and alcohol, vinyl and velvet, glittery eyeshadow and the passage of time.
  • ‘Don’t deal with the real world, because the real world will bite you in the arse.’

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