Flash Fiction

Lost in space? Need new sat-nav the advert blared. I checked out the driver’s side window, ‘Hey, Yo, Donnie!’ I yelled, ‘gotta get me one of those new sat-navs, my wife tells me I’m a lost cause!’

She hit me on the arm, ‘Shut-up Frank,’ Della hissed, ‘or they’ll look down on us.’

‘We’ve got nuthin to be ashamed of, Della,’ I replied ‘we’re just as good as the Alpha-Centauri chumps.’

She buttoned it, but I could tell I was in for hell later when we got back to Earth prime.

Donnie cleaned his eye-stalks with a long tongue, ‘You got everything you need Frankie-boy,’ he gurgled deep in his thorax, ‘don’t listen to anyone who says you aint.’

I grinned at my supervisor and got the shiz off of the highway at the next exit, New Atlantis.


An odd bit of very short fiction, because every blog starts somewhere!  



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