If you…

If you were a dark night,

I would illuminate you.

If you were a lost child,

I would find you.

If you were a distant star,

I would travel to you,

Because whatever you are,

You are my love.


And then, this…

The autumn of our lives is


Where sunsets are brighter

And evenings are

Scented with night-blooming



Between one heartbeat and the next

I wait for your text, or call.

Each flurry of seconds stretched out,

Extended indefinitely

Until my body beats its familiar tattoo,

Blood rushing through each artery, capillary, and vein,

Longing for your voice, longing for you,

Waiting is pain.

Too much

In that email, in that in-offensive punctuation

I found my breaking point,

As if, with one midline caesura

My ability to deal with the situation


I think with the keys,

My fingers, tap tapping

In an uneven rhythm across the keyboard


The computer is locked, blocked,

And I am shocked

By how easy it is to walk away,

My feet, tap tapping

With even footsteps

Out of that conversation

Out of that door

Out of that life.

Break up

Yesterday, you were my tomorrow,

and now in the present you are my past,

i sit on the park bench,

and listen to your sobs, sobs

that will echo down the years,

it was the right choice,

but I didn’t know that, then.

Storm of words

The sky is grey,

More white than grey,

Like a bundle of ruined newspaper,

Puddle mulched,

Each monochromatic line

A ruination of words.

Water falls from the sky

And perpendicular lines of drizzle,

Liquid punctuation,

Fall onto my face.

I pace the dampening streets,

Thoughts tilted to the heavens,

And reconcile myself

To the oncoming storm.

Feather treasure

light as air

once you graced a proud pheasant’s tail,

resplendent in shades

of dun and white,

black stripes,

slender ink marks

along the thin quill


she found you

discarded in flight

upon the tree line,

and claimed you,

a feather to join the treasure

she found on

other woodland walks,

conkers, leaves and twigs

piled haphazardly

on her shelf.